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I knew there was a reason why it's raining doom and gloom here in Oklahoma today.

Rest In Peace, Peter Steele. You were my inspiration and the driving force to the music and mutation of what I love today in music. I have listened to you since I was kid, with Love You To Death blasting from my computer speakers and singing along to it because I loved the melody so. My world won't be the same without you. Life is indeed darker in the worse way now that your cynical, morbid humor has left us. And Music for me will never be the same without hearing your deep, beautiful vampiric voice again. You were an esoteric friend I never met, but we had so much in common.

I hope you forever have Eternal Happy Halloweens in Heaven, and raise havoc for Christmas in Hell. Don't forget to spike the egg nog.

Doesn't make sense to me, but there were some questions such as "Oh god, please don't (Fill in the blank)!" And answered them with a dirty reply...*wink nudge*

But, hey, least I'm somewhat similar to Plato?

Your SaniTest(TM) Results

Your score is: 124

For easier understanding, the HPLHS SaniTest assessment algorithm converts your raw score to a scale of 1 to 10. This number is your INSANITY INDEX.

INSANITY INDEX 6.81 Your score suggests that you are what's known as 'bughouse.' That's a colloquial term for madness from a time when people who thought they were crawling with bugs were often correct. In these more hygienic times, it indicates a potentially serious problem. Others who scored at this level include pop star Michael Jackson and Greek philosopher Plato.


I RETOOK the test this time, as I'm sure either the SANItest is INSANE in it's own rights, or I messed up on some questions.

THIS makes more sense now XD

Your SaniTest(TM) Results

Your score is: 119

For easier understanding, the HPLHS SaniTest assessment algorithm converts your raw score to a scale of 1 to 10. This number is your INSANITY INDEX.

INSANITY INDEX 6.43 Your SaniTest(TM) score indicates that you are utterly haywire. Your neural circuitry seems to be badly misfiring, with frightening and/or hilarious effects. You may find yourself capable of superhuman strength as a side effect, but don't count on it. Others who scored at this level include entertainer Wayne Newton and skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.


Just something to do.

Opening Credits: Little Know It All - Iggy Pop

Waking Up: Wicked Young Man – Alice Cooper (I’m a woman, by the way)

Falling in Love: Bite the Hand That Feeds – Nine Inch Nails (Because I’ve always had inhibitions about love, it’s fitting)

Fight scene: I Am Hated - Slipknot

Breaking up: Never Gonna Stop Me – Rob Zombie

Getting back together: Tier - Rammstein

Secret Love: Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

Life's okay:  Everyday Is Exactly the Same – Nine Inch Nails (It’s true)

Mental breakdown: Clown - Korn

Driving: Suck My Kiss – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Flashback: Personal Jesus – Marilyn Manson

Partying: Stripped - Rammstein

Happy dance: Twisted Transistor - Korn

Regretting: Lonely Day – System of a Down

Long night alone: Perfect Drug – Nine Inch Nails

Death scene: Black No. 1 – Type O Negative

Ending credits: Hindi Sad Diamonds – Moulin Rouge Soundtrack

Coffee and Back to the Future

Couldn't sleep a wink last night, go figure, huh? Either way I'd guess it's from the excitement that I get my Fortress DVD in today. I haven't seen the movie in perhaps d'oh.......5 years? Either way I'm going to enjoy myself, alot! I will give a review and maybe, if you're nice, some screencaps ;)

Blegh, my coffee needs more sugar!



Alright, I don't know how to put shit under the cut, but this is too freakin' hilarious!


For all those X-boxers (moi included) out there!

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